Height 1.700 mm
Width in mm
Price per kWh in €
Savings in € per year* 584
CO2-Savings in kg per year* 4014
Payback time in years 1,82

* These data refer to climatic class 3, 60% humidity and 25 degrees Celsius room temperature. All data has been included without warranty.

The new CoolStar doors from doubleCOOL!

Finally there is an alternative to insulating glass doors in refrigerated cabinets! CoolStar doors, made ​​of high quality double-pane acrylic glass, are unbreakable, have no frame and are scratch resistant. Together with the over 10% more transparency than glass, it creates maximum visibility. And beyond this, there is the huge benefit that it weighs only half compared to insulating glass doors! Therefore easier handling, easy to fit, lighter construction than glass. So for retrofitting into existing cabinets or for generating revolutionary new cabinets, the CoolStar doors are the ideal solution to bring uncompromised energy saving and an improved “in-shop atmosphere”.

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Facts and Figures

• Double pane, highly insulating “high tech” acrylic glass
• Maximum visibility through absolutely frameless insulating acrylic doors
• Guaranteed scratch resistance – using a new specially developed glass coating
• Flexible and custom made, both for the retrofit market and new OEM refrigerated cabinets
• Material specific above-average brightness in the furniture maximizing consumer insight
• Attractive presentation of food with over 10 % more transparency than glass
• All CoolStar doors are 100 % recyclable


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